I’ve Got Better Things to Do

Written by Doug Harvey


You ask me if I want to go out shopping at the mall
Instead of drinking beer at home and watching Pro Football
Why do you ask that question when you know what I will choose
You create a situation, babe, where I can only lose
I could sit around and wonder why you do the things you do
But, my dear, to tell the truth – I’ve got better things to do

Baby, please don’t ask me how that outfit makes you look
You know I like your clothes the best when they’re hanging on a hook
Don’t ask me if your new dress makes you look a little fat;
What kind of fool would answer a question such as that?
Sometimes it’s just impossible to try to talk to you
So I step outside and take a ride – ’cause I’ve got better things to do

I could balance my checkbook, get my tax returns prepared
Change the oil in the pick-up, get the lawn mower repaired
Synchronize my cell phone, get my emails organized
There’s a million things I’d rather do – without the compromise

Don’t you understand why I don’t say what’s on my mind?
It’s what a psychoanalyst would call a double bind
I could tell you what I’m thinking but the truth might be unkind (hurt a bit)
So I just keep my mouth shut and play deaf, dumb and blind (instead of talkin’ shit)
The questions they are many, but the answers they are few
But I know one thing for certain – I’ve got better things to do

You like making lists of honey dos and honey don’ts
You always play by rules of what you wills and what you won’ts
I can’t get a word in edgewise, so how would you have known
That I once had a will to live and a life I called my own
Perhaps someday you’ll wonder what it was I did for you
But until that day I’m on my way – I’ve got better things to do

I could stare at my navel, pick the jam out of my toes
Try to cut those little hairs that grow out of my nose
Get my pilot’s license so I can fly away
So many things I’d rather do than go on this way


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Copyright © Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music