Missed the Train


Missed The Train heads south and west towards the rootsy, folksy, country genres. My friend Todd Stuart brought in a lyric for Missed the Train  which resulted in a song in the a couple of hours and with Todd somehow channeling Alan Jackson or someone much like him on the original demo of the song. Who knew?


  1. Missed the Train Doug Harvey 3:26
  2. Love of My Life Doug Harvey 3:20
  3. I've Got Better Things to Do Doug Harvey 3:27
  4. No One Else Like You Doug Harvey 2:59
  5. Don't Separate Your Sorrows Doug Harvey 2:43
  6. True Love Bends Doug Harvey 4:06
  7. That Doesn't Stop Me Doug Harvey 2:47
  8. Wasting My Time Doug Harvey 4:47
  9. Say Goodbye Doug Harvey 3:45
  10. Time Will Tell Doug Harvey 4:01
  11. I Get Blue (Swing version) Doug Harvey 4:20
  12. Somewhere Down The Road Doug Harvey 4:32