America, How Could You?

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Written by Doug Harvey

American Delirium

All along I was thinking
Things would be OK.
Truth and justice and common sense
Would surely carry the day.
You know what happened.
It didn’t turn out that way.
People don’t know what to think;
Nobody knows what to say.

The people wanted a leader
Who was confident and strong
It didn’t really matter
If he was right or if he was wrong
He knew they were unhappy
He promised to make them feel great
And filled their heads full of nonsense
And their hearts full of free-ranging hate

America, how could you?
You can do better than this.
Shame on you, America,
For scaring us out of our wits.
Your enemies think you’re an idiot
And your friends are calling it quits.
Serves you right, America,
If you get yourself blown to bits.

I wish I was an immigrant
So I could go back home.
I feel my life is in danger
Here where the buffalo roam.
I’m scared of being trampled
By hysterical thundering herds
Of fanatical believers
And their ugly discouraging words.

It’s beyond understanding;
It’s beyond all belief.
The fear and apprehension,
There’s just no relief.
How can you find the way forward
When you can’t tell which way to turn?
This time we’ve made a helluva mess;
When will we ever learn?


Copyright © Doug Harvey and Bird ash Music