Say Goodbye

Written by Doug Harvey


She and I were married
Sixteen years ago
We built a house together
And watched our children grow
We were so much younger then
Little did we know
That our lives would change
In so many ways
That couldn’t be foretold

She and I have grown apart
We now it’s true and it breaks our hearts
We tried so hard to make it go
The time has come we got to say it’s so
We can’t go on living in the past
Time moves on and life moves way too fast
To lead our lies living out a lie
Comes a time you got to say goodbye

I love her like a sister
I want her for a friend
I wasn’t much of a lover
Especially towards the end
Now I’m a million miles away
It’s pointless to pretend
That we can ever get that
Old time lovin’ feeling back again

Repeat Chorus

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Copyright © Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music




That Doesn’t Stop Me From Loving You

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Written by Doug Harvey

Mostly Blue

It doesn’t matter what I say or what I do
You’ve made up your mind that you and I are through
It’s over and done, that may well be true
But that doesn’t stop me from loving you

I wish I could change the way that I feel
Maybe someday this heartbreak will heal
When you do the math one and one add up to blue
But that doesn’t stop me from loving you

You treat me like dirt and I just look the other way
I guess I hope that
It will work out someday
In spite of the hurt
I still hope and I still pray
Even though I know you wish
I’d just go away

Sometimes I wonder what I’ve been doing wrong
But maybe it’s best to end it while it’s strong
That way it will always be a love that’s pure and true
And nothing will stop me from loving you


Copyright words & music © 1990 by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music



The Last Good-Bye

Written by Doug Harvey


Something has happened
And things aren’t the same
We can’t keep playing
The same old game
I don’t want to hurt you
But I don’t want to lie
I fear that it’s time
For the last goodbye

We’re both so uncertain
We know something’s wrong
We’ve kept on trying
Though we’ve known all along
Deep in our hearts
Something has died
And now all that’s left
Is the last goodbye

I know I don’t give you
The things that you need
I don’t quite agree with
Your image of me
I don’t really care to
And I don’t really try
I know in my bones that it’s time
For the last goodbye

First comes the pleasure
And then comes the pain
One day it’s sunshine
The next day it’s rain
The leaves start to fall
The snow starts to fly
You feel cold and small
It’s the last goodbye

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Copyright © 1990 by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music