What AM I Gonna Do?

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Written by Doug Harvey

Mostly Blue

Walkin’ the streets on a Saturday night
Don’t seem to know what to do
Cruising the bars on the boulevard
Talkin’ to strangers and thinkin’ ‘bout you

There was a time when you and I
Were having the times of our lives
We had the world in the palms of our hands
You slipped right through my fingers and now…

I’ve had a few drinks and it’s time to go home
But there ain’t nothing; there but a bed and a phone
The jukebox is playin’ our favorite song
I’m slurring the words but I’m singin’ along
I’m drownin’ your mem’ry in a bottle of booze
I got a bad case of the single man’s blues
Darlin’ I’m so lonely and blue
Helpless on my own without you
Tell me, baby, what am I gonna do
Without you?

What did I do? What did I say?
When did you decide to go away?
So many things that I’ll never explain
Will you ever come back someday?

The nights are so long and the days are too
Too many empty hours without you
No one to talk to and not much to do
Except reach for a bottle and start singin’ the blues

Repeat Chorus


Copyright words & music © 1990 by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music