What Kind Of Love Is This?

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Written by Doug Harvey

Mostly Blue

Every time I see you
My heart jumps to my throat.
I run out of clever things to say.
And my hands start to shake,
My heart starts to break
Whenever you walk away

I’ve been around for a while,
I thought I’d seen it all,
But no one makes me feel the way that you do.
My soul catches fire,
My nerves become live wires
Whenever I lay eyes on you

What kind of love is this?
Just one kiss
And I’m falling apart at the seams.
What kind of love is this –
So much fear and tenderness?
Is it real or am I lost in a dream?

‘Bet you think I’m crazy.
I know you think I’m strange,
But I can’t control this metamorphosis
My pulse starts to race;
I can’t control the pace.
Tell me, what kind of love is this

Solo over verse

Your smile could move mountains
Your kiss could melt the snow
And your eyes are like the sunshine on the dew
What am I? Just a fool
Head over heels in love with you.
Will you be my dream coming true?

Repeat Chorus



Copyright words & music © 1990 by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music