The vocational life of a working (dare I say “professional”?) musician can involve a variety of activities that often become services when provided to others on a regular basis. Here are some of the services I provide. Click to learn more about any one.

  • Arranging
  • Composing
  • Graphic Design
  • Performing
  • Producing
  • Recording
  • Studio
  • Voiceover


Q – “What do you fly over when you take the red-eye from LA to New York?”

A – “The audience”

Anonymous entertainment industry executive

It’s true. They can’t buy it if it’s not there. So much of the press attention in the music and movies businesses has a focus on the making of the product, but the people who underwrite the making of it are always thinking about the distribution. There are just two main things that have to happen – people need to hear it, and once they hear it and like it, they have to be able to find it and buy it.

So how does music get to the consumers?

Once you have a finished product the the work of getting the goods into the various channels of distribution begins. We are not a distributor per se, but we can help you navigate.

Physical Product

CD Baby – We work with CD Baby and can show you how to get set up so people can buy your CDs directly, either in bulk or one by one.

On Demand Manufacturing – We work with two manufacturers who produce CDs and DVDs to order and handle fulfillment to the end customer as well. They also offer the ability to add a “BUY BUTTON” to your web site or other internet presence to facilitate online sales transactions. We can help you set up accounts and put together the needed materials to upload your product to these services.

If you are looking to establish a relationship with distributors who resell to retailers, we can show who the players are and how to submit your product for consideration.

Digital Product

Digital goods are distributed through sales of downloads and plays on streaming music services. We can help you prepare your digital files to meet the specifications of these services and guide you in submitting your product.

If you are in the market for any of these services, drop us a line or give us a call.

Welcome to Bird Ash Music

Bird Ash Music is the internet home of the various musical and music business activities of Doug Harvey. These activities have included playing bass, guitar, and keyboards in countless bands in a variety of genres; playing on numerous recording sessions; writing songs; producing what used to be called records; managing a boutique music publishing venture; and functioning as an executive in the retail and distribution side of the business for the better part of three decades.

The primary focus is to showcase the portfolio of songs written and co-written by Mr. Harvey and the albums that assemble these compositions in various collections.

You can also learn a little bit about the various services provided to friends and clients, which range from getting a composition arranged and recorded to designing packaging and collateral materials to handling of the mechanics of getting the end product properly copyright protected, manufactured, and introduced into the distribution channels.


There’s a joke that goes something like this. A blind rabbit and a blind snake bump into each other in the middle of the desert. Neither of them can tell what the other one is, since they’re blind. The snake says to the rabbit, “I’m blind. Do you mind if I touch you to try and figure out what you are?” “No problem,” says the rabbit. The snake feels the rabbit here and there and declares, “Well, you’ve got long furry ears, big hind legs, and a funny pom pom of a tail. You must be a rabbit.” “Right you are,” says the rabbit. “I’m blind myself. Do you mind if I touch you and try to figure out what you are?” “Why, of course,” says the snake. “Fair is fair.” The rabbit touches the snake in few places and after a moment he says, “Hmmn. You’ve got slimy skin, beady little eyes, and a forked tongue. You must be… a record producer!”

What exactly does a producer do? The simple and ambiguous answer is, the producer produces, that is, the producer gets the desired results. This means working with the artist to shape the outcome of their recording project. It can entail song selection, choice of musicians, supervision of arrangements, conducting and coaching performances, and hovering over the engineer to give some sense of how the tracks ought to sound. The producer is kind of like an executive chef in a good restaurant – he selects the menu, buys the ingredients, comes up with the recipes, and orchestrates the various sous chefs and cooks as to how to go about preparing the food.

We can help you produce a quality demo of your song that will make you sound the way you want to sound, provided, of course, that you want a sound something like the various styles we favor at Bird Ash Music. To be honest, we have some preferences, and there some things we don’t do – hip hop is one, and heavy metal is another. But if you’re looking for a classic American rock n roll, R&B, pop, or country sound, chances are we can get pretty close to what you want.

Now That You’re Gone

Listen to clip
Written by Doug Harvey

Don’t know what to do
Every night without you
I can’t make up my mind
To go out on the town
And find someone new
Or sit home alone
And sulk over you
What can I tell myself
Now that you’re gone

Now that you’re gone
Every night is so long
I’ve lost all peace of mind
And so I can’t stay at home
I can’t sleep at night
And nothing I say
Comes out quite right
How can I kid myself
Now that you’re gone

When you went away
And you never said goodbye
Every night and every day
I sat alone and wondered why
What a kick in the teeth
I thought we had it made
Were all those times we had
Just a meaningless charade
I just don’t know what to think
Now you’re gone

Now that you’re gone
I can’t stop hangin’ on
Baby what did I do
So that you had to run from
Our love affair
Why didn’t I see
That you didn’t care
I long to touch you so much
But you’re gone

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

With a Wing and a Prayer

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Written by Nan O’Malley

With a wing and a prayer
She takes off, we’re still here
Remembering that sleepless night
When she called to let us know
She was all right

With a wing and a prayer
We will always be here
Cherishing all the memories
And knowing she is ready
To take flight
On a wing and a prayer

Life goes on
Things change but stay the same
Somehow in spite of every twist and turn
We find a way

With a wing and a prayer
Tomorrow will come
Shining through with something new
To remind us how the journey
Begins again
With a wing and a prayer

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music