Don’t Say Don’t

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Written by Doug Harvey

I’ve been missin’ your huggin’ and kissin’
All night long I’ve been hopin’ and wishin’
I wined you and dined you and I got you stoned
So, baby, don’t say don’t.

I’ve been sittin’ in the kitchen all night long,
Watchin’ for the pot to boil.
Maybe it’s late, but I just can’t wait –
My lovin’ is beginnin’ to spoil!

Forget about later, I mean right now,
The sweat is dripping off my fevered brow.
My biorhythms can’t be postponed,
So, baby, don’t say don’t.

You’re the type of girl who likes to hesitate;
I’m the type of guy who just can’t wait.
I know you didn’t plan to spend the evenin’ alone,
So, baby, don’t say don’t.

I’m makin’ you an offer of romantic love;
We could go together like a hand in a glove.
And I ain’t no creature from the Twilight Zone,
So, baby, don’t say don’t.

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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