Goin’ Through The Motions

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Written by Doug Harvey

Once upon a time
You used to make me feel so fine
You were my girl
I felt like I ruled the world
But now I’ve changed my mind
Or maybe I’m just going blind
But something has changed
And nothing will ever be the same
For you and me it’s turned into a parody

I’m just going through the motions
Doin’ what’s expected
But my heart’s a million miles away
Goin’ through the motions
You might not detect it
But your gonna find it out some day
That I don’t give a damn what you do or say

When I see you now
I just can’t imagine how we got along
Something was always goin’ wrong
You’re gonna cry
But someday you’ll find another guy
He’ll treat you right
And you won’t cry yourself to sleep at night
It’s sad but it’s true that I’m just not in love with you

Repeat chorus

The ocean rises and it falls, the voices call
What it really means nobody knows
Love spreads its wings and flies away, so far away
First it comes then it always goes

Please, no alibis
No explanations and no lies
Let’s not waste time
You know we’ve reached the end of the line
Get out of here Get out of my life and disappear
Just go away
We’re better off the less we say
Don’t say goodbye
Don’t ask me the reason why

Repeat Chorus

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