We offer a selection of albums of original songs as well as those of groups and artists that we have produced or performed with.

American Delirium

Things have taken a definite turn for the strange here in the home of the brazen and the land of freedom from shame. The warp and woof of what Elmer Fudd might have called “we-ality” have gotten wobbly, wacky, wicked, worrisome, wearisome and just plain weird. One of the few upsides has been an avalanche of material for pundits, pontificators, bloggers, comedians, and late night talk show hosts. There was a time in my youth when songwriters would have been among this lucky group, but these days, not so much. Some time ago I hit on the idea that a contagion of delirium has overtaken the nation Gore Vidal called the United States of Amnesia.

Trumpster Fires cover

Trumpster Fires

Trumpster Fires is a downsized edition of American Delirium containing only those numbers that specifically address the unique activities and behavior of a certain former Chief Executive, sometimes referred to as “Individual 1”.

American Delusion

What comes after American Delirium? Or maybe before. Hard to say. Our current age of disinformation and dyspeptic politics has been with us for some time and will likely persist in some forms for some time. These songs address particular symptoms.

Mostly Blue CD cover

Mostly Blue

There’s a saying that the blues had a baby and they called it rock n’ roll. If you play rock n’ roll, sooner or later you play a lot of blues, and if you play a lot of blues, sooner or later you explore the other side of the family, which is jazz. These songs all fall in that broad pocket where jazz and blues meet country and rock and roll, with an emphasis on the jazzier side of the ledger.

Swamp Yankee CD cover

Swamp Yankee

Country music, in all it’s flavors, is about being from the sticks, no matter what part of the country you happen to live in. In New England the term for downscale country folks is “swamp yankee”, because they live in the marshes and swamps – the lower ground, as it were. This record is for these folks.

Old Enough to Know Better CD cover

Old Enough to Know Better

You’re a little over forty and and a little bit overweight. But you’re not dead yet, and – hey! – the Rolling Stones are still doing it. These tunes were all written during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Most of the recordings were started out at that time on a TEAC 8-track. How quaint! Thank heaven for MIDI data and the ability to migrate to digital audio workstations.

Missed the Train

Missed The Train heads south and west towards the rootsy, folksy, country genres. My friend Todd Stuart brought in a lyric which resulted in a song Missed the Train in the a couple of hours and with Todd somehow channeling Alan Jackson or someone much like him on the original demo of the song. Who knew?

Time and Time Again CD cover

Time and Time Again

Time is the one thing we all have the same amount of. Time for this, time for that. It’s about time. As time goes by. Time just keeps on going by, inexorably. Where does it go? And where does it come from? This is a collection of tunes that all happen to have the word time in the title.

Stewart and Stewart cover

Stewart and Stuart

Todd Stuart and I crossed paths in the late 20th century. As we became friends we started sharing ideas and creative ventures. These songs are the result of those sessions. We also discovered a mutual common ground in our ancestry. Todd was a Stuart of the Tudor spelling and I, with the middle name Stewart, the Scots spelling. Hence the name – Stewart & Stuart.

Looking for Trouble CD cover

Lookin’ for Trouble

Congressman John Lewis talked about getting into “good trouble”, which for hime meant challenging the status quo strongly enough to provoke a push back by the authorities who enforced a less than ideal status quo. I think there may be another kind of “good trouble”, which is basically about raising hell and trying to have a good time. Things don’t always go the way you might hope, but you keep at it nonetheless.