Things have taken a definite turn for the strange here in the home of the brazen and the land of freedom from shame. The warp and woof of what Elmer Fudd might have called “we-ality” have gotten wobbly, wacky, wicked, worrisome, wearisome and just plain weird. One of the few upsides has been an avalanche of material for pundits, pontificators, bloggers, comedians, and late night talk show hosts. There was a time in my youth when songwriters would have been among this lucky group, but these days, not so much. Some time ago I hit on the idea that a contagion of delirium has overtaken the nation Gore Vidal called the United States of Amnesia. A certain former reality show individual is increasingly described as delusional, and it so happens that a feature of the coronavirus is a state of delirium as well.  As a patriotic citizen and denizen of this place, I feel an obligation to do something, and, since I’m not much good at calling congressional representatives or making protest signs, these songs are the result of musing on these and related other things we have all been experiencing in these last several years.

Listed below are links to the song page with lyrics for each of the songs.

  1. America, How Could You?
  2. Fake News Blues
  3. Bob Dylan Won the Nobel Prize
  4. Everybody Got A Gun
  5. Delirium #1
  6. Quit While You’re Behind
  7. The NSA in the USA
  8. Delirium #2
  9. Lordy, Lordy, He’s A Liar
  10. Let’s Make America Great Again – Part 1 (2016)
  11. It’s Goin’ Down
  12. Roger Stone
  13. The Big Lie
  14. Delirium #3
  15. Let’s Make America Great Again – Part 2 (2020)
  16. You Make Me Sick
  17. It Didn’t Have to Be This Way
  18. A Regular Joe – 2020
  19. A Regular Joe – 2021
  20. Delirium #4
  21. This Old World


  1. I Want My Country Back
  2. Who Is Q?
  3. Lock Him Up