About a hundred years ago, before radio and television and the radio and record industries took off, people got their music by means of printed folios, or sheet music. The main medium of transmission was in the parlor piano, and music publishers hired songpluggers to work in music stores to pitch their latest offerings. Hit songs sold hundreds of thousands of copies of printed folios in those days.

These days people seldom buy a printed folio but the distribution of a hit song is many times greater and through many more channels. You hear music on the radio, on television, at the movies, in retail stores, on the Internet. Music publishing has evolved into the art of plugging a song so that an artist or record company will find it, like it, record it, and get it into the many distribution channels.

Bird Ash Music is in the business of writing and finding great songs, making quality demos, and then publishing and promoting them to artists, producers, and record companies.

If you are a lyricist or songwriter and interested in having your song recorded and promoted, please let us know.

If you are a producer or record company A&R person, and you’d like to hear more of our stuff, by all means, call us immediately, if not sooner – collect, any time, day or night.