There’s a joke that goes something like this. A blind rabbit and a blind snake bump into each other in the middle of the desert. Neither of them can tell what the other one is, since they’re blind. The snake says to the rabbit, “I’m blind. Do you mind if I touch you to try and figure out what you are?” “No problem,” says the rabbit. The snake feels the rabbit here and there and declares, “Well, you’ve got long furry ears, big hind legs, and a funny pom pom of a tail. You must be a rabbit.” “Right you are,” says the rabbit. “I’m blind myself. Do you mind if I touch you and try to figure out what you are?” “Why, of course,” says the snake. “Fair is fair.” The rabbit touches the snake in few places and after a moment he says, “Hmmn. You’ve got slimy skin, beady little eyes, and a forked tongue. You must be… a record producer!”

What exactly does a producer do? The simple and ambiguous answer is, the producer produces, that is, the producer gets the desired results. This means working with the artist to shape the outcome of their recording project. It can entail song selection, choice of musicians, supervision of arrangements, conducting and coaching performances, and hovering over the engineer to give some sense of how the tracks ought to sound. The producer is kind of like an executive chef in a good restaurant – he selects the menu, buys the ingredients, comes up with the recipes, and orchestrates the various sous chefs and cooks as to how to go about preparing the food.

We can help you produce a quality demo of your song that will make you sound the way you want to sound, provided, of course, that you want a sound something like the various styles we favor at Bird Ash Music. To be honest, we have some preferences, and there some things we don’t do – hip hop is one, and heavy metal is another. But if you’re looking for a classic American rock n roll, R&B, pop, or country sound, chances are we can get pretty close to what you want.