Q – “What do you fly over when you take the red-eye from LA to New York?”

A – “The audience”

Anonymous entertainment industry executive

It’s true. They can’t buy it if it’s not there. So much of the press attention in the music and movies businesses has a focus on the making of the product, but the people who underwrite the making of it are always thinking about the distribution. There are just two main things that have to happen – people need to hear it, and once they hear it and like it, they have to be able to find it and buy it.

So how does music get to the consumers?

Once you have a finished product the the work of getting the goods into the various channels of distribution begins. We are not a distributor per se, but we can help you navigate.

Physical Product

CD Baby – We work with CD Baby and can show you how to get set up so people can buy your CDs directly, either in bulk or one by one.

On Demand Manufacturing – We work with two manufacturers who produce CDs and DVDs to order and handle fulfillment to the end customer as well. They also offer the ability to add a “BUY BUTTON” to your web site or other internet presence to facilitate online sales transactions. We can help you set up accounts and put together the needed materials to upload your product to these services.

If you are looking to establish a relationship with distributors who resell to retailers, we can show who the players are and how to submit your product for consideration.

Digital Product

Digital goods are distributed through sales of downloads and plays on streaming music services. We can help you prepare your digital files to meet the specifications of these services and guide you in submitting your product.

If you are in the market for any of these services, drop us a line or give us a call.