Mostly Blue CD cover

There’s a saying that the blues had a baby and they called it rock n’ roll. If you play rock n’ roll, sooner or later you play a lot of blues, and if you play a lot of blues, sooner or later you explore the other side of the family, which is jazz. These songs all fall in that broad pocket where jazz and blues meet country and rock and roll, with an emphasis on the jazzier side of the ledger.

  1. The Lie
  2. Don’t Need You To Love Me This Way
  3. Indigo Blue
  4. What Am I Gonna Do?
  5. Lonely For You
  6. Happy Enough
  7. It Hurts To Be Alive
  8. Don’t Say Don’t
  9. You’re The Sunshine In My Day
  10. What Kind Of Love Is This?
  11. Heads They Win Tails We Lose Blues
  12. That Doesn’t Stop Me From Loving You
  13. Middle Age Blues
  14. Let It Go

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music