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Written by Doug Harvey

I’ve been missin’ your huggin’ and kissin’
All night long I’ve been hopin’ and wishin’
I wined you and dined you and I got you stoned
So, baby, don’t say don’t.

Forget about later, I mean right now,
The sweat is dripping off my fevered brow.
My biorhythms can’t be postponed,
So, baby, don’t say don’t.

I’ve been sittin’ in the kitchen all night long,
Watchin’ for the pot to boil.
Maybe it’s late, but I just can’t wait –
My lovin’ is beginnin’ to spoil!

You’re the type of girl who likes to hesitate;
I’m the type of guy who just can’t wait.
I know you didn’t plan to spend the evenin’ alone,
So, baby, don’t say don’t.

I’m makin’ you an offer of romantic love;
We could go together like a hand in a glove.
And I ain’t no creature from the Twilight Zone,
So, baby, don’t say don’t.

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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