Verse 1
I’m tired of the malarkey,
I’m sick of all the lies.
I’m pissed off about Corona,
I just wanna go outside.
I want to go out to dinner,
I’d like to go see a show, but I know it ain’t gonna happen till
we elect a regular Joe.

Verse 2
A regular Joe, just a regular Joe
Somebody like you and me
who’s paid his dues and knows his stuff
he’ll keep us strong and free
We need somebody who listens
And knows what he doesn’t know
not some fool who talks and talks
We need a regular Joe

Bridge 1
He’s not a stable genius
but he’s really, really smart
and unlike his opponent
he’s got a great big heart
we need a natural leader
not a bogus so and so
you wanna make America work again
Vote for a regular Joe

Verse 3
40,000,000 people
have already lost their jobs
Donald says it’s not his fault.
Ask Hannity or Lou Dobbs.
It’s like the Spanish flu and the market crash
all rolled into one.
Trump’s got to go, elect a Joe
who knows how to get things done

Verse 4
I don’t sleep the way I used to.
I think its Trump fatigue.
Caused by a cult of zombies
Spreading Donald Trump disease
My recurring nightmare
Is that he’ll refuse to go
I won’t get a good night’s sleep
‘til we elect a regular Joe.

Bridge 2
He doesn’t want to be a King.
He doesn’t send out nasty tweets.
He doesn’t blackmail congressman
who just want to keep their seats.
The guy we got just screws things up.
It’s time for him to go
If you want an actual president,
vote for a regular Joe

Verse 5
It might not be safe to go to the polls
so I guess I’ll vote by mail
Thank God I live in Ohio
Where common sense still prevails
So register, make sure you vote.
We got to get rid of this schmo.
The only way to make him go
Is vote for a regular Joe

Who, who is Q?
Who, who, who is Q?
Is Q the genius behind the Kung Flu?
Or a trick or treater who likes to shout “Boo”?

Copyright © by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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