Verse 1
We’re done with the malarkey,
We’re through with all the lies.
We’ve got a grip on Corona.
We’re not afraid that we’re going to die
Now we can go out to dinner
And we can go see a show
And you know why this all happened?
We elected a Regular Joe.

Verse 2
A regular Joe, just a regular Joe,
Somebody like you and me
Who knows how to be a leader
And the way things ought to be
We got somebody who listens
and knows what he needs to know
We ditched that fool and his big fat lies
And elected a Regular Joe!

Bridge 1
He’s not a stable genius
but he’s really pretty smart.
And unlike that nasty guy he beat
he’s got a great big heart.
We finally got a president
not a bogus so and so.
America’s gonna feel good again?
Thanks to our Regular Joe!

Verse 3
You know, forty million people lost their jobs.
Under number forty-five
And now they say half a million more
Didn’t need to lose their lives
Now the former guy tells his biggest lie
Claiming that he actually won
Though now he’s gone, his lies live on
And the job is not yet done.

Verse 4
I confess that I still lose sleep
After the riot on Capitol Hill
Seditious insurrection:
It was a nightmare, a bitter pill
Someone’s got to investigate
And show what we already know
I know just the man for that
America’s Regular Joe

Bridge 2
He doesn’t want to be a King.
He doesn’t send out nasty tweets.
He doesn’t blackmail congressman
who just want to keep their seats.
That guy he beat just screwed things up.
We all knew that he had to go.
We got an actual president,
America’s Regular Joe!

Verse 5
Where Republicans run the state house
They’re passing dozens of laws
To restrict the vote and control the count
And exploit the system’s flaws
Thank God we’ve got the right commander
To fight a stone cold civil war
He’ll save America’s democracy
Who could ask for more?

Who, who is Q?
Who, who, who is Q?
Is Q the genius behind the Kung Flu?
Or a trick or treater who likes to shout “Boo”?

Copyright © by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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