Written by Doug Harvey

There are acres of diamonds and oceans of gold
Rivers of honey and riches untold
There’s no need to go hungry or scrabble for more
There are acres of diamonds right outside your door

This world full of sorrow pays a low wage of sin
Men beg, steal and borrow and cheat their own kin
Some search the world over for fortune and fame
Without understanding that we all lose that game

Repeat Chorus

The good Lord He gives us everything that we need
The fruits in the orchard and the air that we breathe
The fish in the ocean and the plant in the seed
There’s no need for envy, there’s no need for greed

Repeat Chorus

What good is your money when it comes time to die
And fly up to that mansion on the clouds in the sky?
There’s a life beyond living in a land beyond time
No taking, just giving; no more yours and mine

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

Appears on

American Delirium CD cover
Swamp Yankee CD cover
Swamp Yankee