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Written by Doug Harvey

I got the weekend off, I got my paycheck cashed
I washed and waxed the car and filled her up with gas
I’ve been waitin’ all week for tonight to com
Baby, me and you, ooo, we’re gonna have some fun

Put on your dancin’ shoes, put your red dress on
We’re goin’ out tonight, we’re gonna dance ’til dawn
We’re gonna do the town, we’re gonna do it right
Darlin’ me and you, oo, we’re gonna rock tonight

Tonight’s the night, darlin’ me and you
We’re gonna do what we want to do
We’re gonna make sweet sweet love
‘Til the break of day
I don’t care if it’s right or wrong
I’m gonna love you all night long
Tonight’s the night we’re gonna go all the way

All the boys and girls up and down the street
Are swayin’ back and forth, dancin’ to the beat
Can’t you feel the fire? Can’t you feel the heat?
The rhythm of desire, oo, you know it feels so sweet

Repeat Chorus

The music’s fast and loud, the saxophone is hot
We’re dancin’ in a crowd in a lover’s knot
When the music stops I can’t let go of you
To be here with you, oo, It’s a dream come true

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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