Written by Doug Harvey

This is the story of a dying old man
My life is behind me, my time is at hand
I know that my Savior has brought me this way
To honor His Glory on the Judgment Day

The angels are coming to take me away
Any day, any day, any day
For Holy Redemption I hope and I pray
Any day, any day, Lord, any day

For many a year I wandered and strayed
I wasted my nights and squandered my days
For the sins of the past I repent and I pay
I pray for His mercy and follow the way

Repeat Chorus

Now that I’ve reached the end of my life
I’ve learned a few things; please heed this advice:
Follow the Gospel; know wrong from the right;
Shun all temptation and walk in the Light

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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