Written by Doug Harvey

Two thousand miles from home
Pacing up and down my hotel room
Waiting for the telephone to ring
Watching Televisa all afternoon
Got a suitcase full of unmarked thousand dollar bills
I got plenty of money and time to kill in Bogota

Nobody knows my name
I’m just another businessman
Another pawn in the game
Just another one night stand
Gonna pick up some merchandise in Bogota
Gotta meet a man named Hector in the hotel bar in Bogota

I’m a fugitive from the law
A face without a name
Pacing a hotel room
A prisoner of the cocaine game
This is too far gone
I know I’m in too deep
Totally out of control
These crazy bastards play for keeps

Suddenly the telephone rings
He says he’ll meet me in the bar
We smoke cigars over drinks
Then we climb in a big black car
The bodyguard ties a blindfold around my head
Either I’ll cut this deal or wind up dead in Bogota

We finally make the trade
The suitcase for a solid rock
I leave to catch my plane
My knees are shaking when I walk
One more day and I’ll be an honest man
Making plans to execute another scam in Bogota

Repeat Chorus

It’s got to end someday
I’m gonna make a big mistake
They’ll just blow me away
They’ll throw my body in the lake
Easy money, oh, how fast it goes
And what becomes of me, no one knows in Bogota

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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Old Enough to Know Better