Written by Doug Harvey

Why do you come here?
What do want from me?
It’s four in the morning
Don’t you ever sleep?
You turn up the stereo
You’ve got to hear your favorite song
Over and over, the same old story
Every night all night long

You want me to tie you up
And call you filthy names
Then you’ll be a victim
And I’ll be the one to blame
‘Cause your mommy and daddy
Let you do whatever you please
So you need a master, someone to rule you
And force you down on your knees

Crazy woman, I won’t do it
Crazy woman, I see through it
Crazy woman, I’ve had enough of you

You’re gonna have to face the music
Or someone’s gonna blow your game
Sooner or later something’s gonna happen
And you’ll be the one to blame

You’re running away
From something I can’t see
You’re nothing but trouble
Please, please, stay away from me
You can’t look me in the eye
You lie about where you’ve been
Why should I trust you? What do you give me?
Why should I let you in?o

Repeat Chorus

Solo over bridge

I know you’re gonna leave me
For that two-bit millionaire
You say you still love me – ha!
Tell me, baby, why should I care?
He’ll buy you diamond rings, cocaine and fancy cars
You’ll be a princess
And you’ll never have to
See who you really are

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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