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Written by Kim Farris and Doug Harvey

I walked into the Soap ‘n’ Suds
Just the other day
My soul was weighin’ heavy
My whites were lookin’ gray
I didn’t have no quarters
The change machine was broke
As I hung my head to cry
A voice from heaven spoke

Don’t separate your sorrows
Throw ’em all into the load
Don’t worry bout overfillin –
Your troubles he can hold
When you’re spinnin’ in sin cycle
Or filled with static cling
That’s when he’ll come to fluff and fold
You’ll hear the angels sing

So I tossed in all my hurtin’
And I threw in all my shame
I turned that dial to heavy soil
And prayed in Jesus’ name
Now my colors sparkle
My soul is oh so bright
Cause the Lord he is my Downy Soft
And Jesus is my Tide

Repeat Chorus

I am washed in the love of the lord
I am pure of mind and flesh
I am washed in the light of my savior
Now my heart is April Fresh

So if you think your heart is dingy
Got ring around your hope…
Just head down to the laundry-mat
Don’t even take no soap
I’m Perma-Pressed for heaven’s gates
I’m colorfast and true
The Lord he washed my sins away
And He’ll do the same for you

Repeat chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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