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Written by Doug Harvey

Just before  my father died
He sat straight up in his bed
He smiled a big ecstatic smile
When he laid down he was dead
I think he saw something astounding
And he wanted to let us all know
That there nothing to be afraid of
When it comes our turn to go
Down by the river
They’re all standing there
Talking and laughing and smiling
With their hands up in the air
It looks like they’re waving us over
To the place on the other shore
Were the sun shines forever
And there’s trouble no more
There’s so many things I probably should do
And so many people to thank
I should try to forget and never regret
All whisky and gin that I drank
I don’t know when my time will come
And I wonder just what to expect
I just know I’ve got to be ready
When Father Time comes to collect
Repeat Chorus
How did I get to heaven?
What the Hell am I doin’ here?
They must have lost all the paperwork
Or bought St. Peter some beers
Can it be true I’m forgiven
For all my foolish mistakes?
Just shut up and stop asking questions
Chalk it up to one lucky break
Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

Appears on

American Delirium