Fake News Blues cover

He says that the papers are full of fake news
Dishonest reporters distorting his views
He lies about lying, well that much is true
I got the blues
This guy is bad news

He just can’t stop lying, that much we all know
I think he gets off when his Pinocchio grows
He’s got to get even with those who oppose
That’s how it goes
On the fake news show

He’s got an agenda and he’s spreading the word
He’s on a vendetta and he won’t be deterred
The world as he sees it is truly absurd
Every time he opens his mouth he’s just flipping you (us) the bird

He can’t tell the difference between fiction and fact
His gigantic whoppers are totally whacked
You know that he’s just fakin’ it
It’s all a big act
Between me and you
It’s the real fake news


Repeat Bridge

So try to remember it’s all a big lie
There’s no rhyme or reason, there’s no telling why
Don’t fall for the gaslight
Don’t just lay down and die
When you get the blues
From the real fake news

Don’t fall for the bullshit
Don’t swallow the lies
When you get the blues
From the real fake news

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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