Written by Doug Harvey


When you hurt the one you love
You only hurt yourself
When you lie to the one you trust
You’re lyin’ to yourself
When you’re makin’ love to somebody
While you’re thinkin’ ’bout somebody else
You ain’t foolin’ her
She can always tell
You’re just foolin’ yourself

Most guys, they think they can fake it
Fool around and she’ll never know
But you can’t really keep it a secret
‘Cause sooner or later it shows
When your heart’s really not in it
Your body gives your secret away
You can’t help but give her a signal
She’s gonna figure it out someday

Repeat Chorus

After all, how would you like it
If your woman was cheatin’ on you?
Every time you were kissin’ and huggin’
She was thinkin’ ’bout somebody new
You’d feel deceived, cheated and angry
You’d wonder what was goin’ on
Even though she tells you she loves you
You’d know that something was wrong

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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