I bought myself a big house in the suburbs
With a liar’s loan I got from Countrywide
Now I’m upside down
Can’t afford to stick aroound
Nothin’ left to lose except my pride

My buddies who work down at the factory
Expect the doors to close most any day
The jobs moved overseas
Now the Communist Chinese
Own a piece of Uncle Sam and Fannie Mae


But they never have a problem down on Wall Street
They’ll always find a way to rig the game
When it’s heads they win
When it’s tails we lose
No one’s taking names or placing blame

Can’t remember when I got a bonus
I’d be happy with a shot at overtime
When you’re unemployed
You’re staring at the void
And you’re humming “Brother Can You Spare A Dime”

It’s hard for me to look at pushing sixty
With nothing after more than forty years
Too young to retire
Too old to rewire
Try to find a viable career

Repeat Chorus

I don’t feel too good about the future
I can see why folks commit financial crimes
Three square meals a day
No more bills to pay
Not so bad to do a little time

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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American Delirium

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