I Want My Country Back cover

Written by Doug Harvey

I came home from work, turned on the tube
To catch the evening news.
They said millions of Americans
Thought Trump didn’t lose.
There’s not a shred of evidence
But they don’t seem to care.
They just believe what Donald says
Even if there’s nothing there.

I saw the steps of the Capitol
Overrun by fools and thugs.
They were angry and disorganized;
They seemed to be on drugs.
The pusher was the president
The drugs were his big lies.
When they broke into the Congress
I could not believe my eyes.

It made me think I want my country back.
I want to live in a democracy;
Is that too much to ask?
I want a place that’s free and fair
Where we’ve got each other’s back
All I know is I want my country back.

It’s time we all salute the flag
And keep the pledge we make
Of allegiance to the republic of
These great United States.
Make sure that truth and justice
Endure and cannot fail.
With liberty and equality
You know we will prevail.

Don’t you want to take your country back?
It belongs to us,
We shouldn’t have to ask.
Don’t let it fall into the hands
Of a two-bit autocrat.
It’s up to us to take our country back.
It’s up to us to take our country back.
It’s up to us to take our country back.

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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