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Written by Todd Stuart and Doug Harvey

I’m sorry I couldn’t fix your troubles,
I couldn’t stop the pain,
I’m sorry I wasn’t the one, but I tried…I triedZ

You said you loved me,
But you never found your way,
I’m sorry I couldn’t be your everything,
But I tried…I tried

I wanted it all for you,
I wanted it all from you,
But you could never give,
No you could never give

I’m sorry I couldn’t be the one,
I’m sorry I couldn’t make every wish come true,
I’m sorry I couldn’t do that for you, babe
baby, but I tried…I tried

I’m sorry you had to let go,
I’m sorry you couldn’t hold on,
But love doesn’t disappear,
It doesn’t disappear,
No not like you, not like you

Repeat Chorus

I’m sorry for all your pain,
For all you let between us,
Can’t be your angel, baby,
Can’t be your angel anymore,
But I tried.

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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