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Written by Elizabeth Gladen, Doug Harvey and Todd Stuart

When I woke up this morning I thought about you
The sound of your voice and the things that you do
Off and on for the rest of the day
I’ve been trying to think about what to say

I go to work and stare in to space
I look out the window and I see your face
I walk down the street and I whisper your name
I know I’m never gonna be the same

I keep looking for you everywhere I go
I go ‘round in circles and stare at the phone
It’s driving me crazy I just gotta know
What crosses your mind when you’re all alone

Is there ever a time
When you call out my name?
Is there ever a time
When you feel the same?
Is there ever a time
When you think of me and say
I want you with me every night and day
Is there ever a time?

Maybe I’m foolish,
Maybe I’m blind
I can feel a connection
But I can’t read your mind
Give me an answer,
Please show me a sign
That your sweet love
Is what I’m gonna find

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