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Written by Doug Harvey

Dirty dishes in the sink, unopened envelopes
The dripping drops and the ticking clock
Punctuate my dreams and hopes
Stacks of papers and magazines and a pile of bills to pay
They come and go and the ebb and flow
Never ever goes away

It all goes by so fast
The sands slip through the hourglass
Do it now before you pass
It all goes by so fast

Birthday cakes and dinner dates
Weekends at the shore
Photographs and belly laughs
Those goofy clothes we wore
Schools and jobs, corn on the cob
At the backyard barbecue
Graduation days and high school plays
Always more to do

Repeat Chorus

Time is like a game of cards
There’s new hand every day
Some hands are not so bad
But you’ve got to learn to play
You better bet when you get good cards
Before it gets too late
You never know when the game will fold
You can’t afford to wait

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

Appears on

American Delusion