Written by Doug Harvey

I walk around in circles
Keep tryin’ to find something to do
Some way to pass the time
Get you off my mind
Stop talkin’ to myself about you

Keep tryin’ to find a reason
Some way to make it all make sense
I know that someday
These memories will fade
Gotta find some way to get by until then

It’s gonna take a little time to heal the heartbreak
Gonna take a while to learn to be alone
I know I’ll always live with the heartbreak
Of wanting you and knowing that you’re gone

Can’t understand why you don’t call me
We said we’d always be friends
I’ve got to face the fact
We’ve played the final act
It’s way beyond the beginning of the end

Repeat Chorus

With every passing day it looks life goes on
Don’t think I’ll ever figure out what I did wrong
Can’t let you off the hook and let you slip away
Before I make you understand
Before you hear me say (I make you pay)

Repeat Chorus