Written by Doug Harvey

Khadra was born in 1939
In Jerusalem in the land called Palestine
In the war her only son
Was killed by a Jewish gun
She’ll never ever get that memory out of her mind

Oh Jerusalem, city of the Holy Son
They’re running in the streets from the sound of the bombs and guns
Oh Jerusalem, what have they done?
It’s never gonna stop ‘til we’re blown to Kingdom come

Yakov came here in 1983
Ran away from a village on the shore of the Baltic Sea
His wife was killed by a bomb
In the name of Holy Islam
Ain’t no way he’s ever gonna let it be

Repeat Chorus

Two separate worlds, one Arab, one Jew
The leaders will never agree on what to do
Everybody’s got a cross to bear
It’s never ever gonna be fair
You just can’t take the take the baby and cut it in two

Repeat Chorus

You gotta do something, you just can’t let it go
You can’t stand the pain and the maddening loss of control
Sometimes you just gotta fight
Do anything to make it right
When you know you just can’t live with the status quo

Who, who is Q?
Who, who, who is Q?
Is Q the genius behind the Kung Flu?
Or a trick or treater who likes to shout “Boo”?

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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