When your world is falling down
And your tears fall to the ground
Nobody wants to lend you a helping hand
Don’t despair, you’re not alone;
All your cares are not your own
They are shared by every woman, child and man

When all you hear is thunder
And turmoil in your heart
Still there’s a voice within
That sings out clear
Trust in Him to understand
When your world is torn apart
And soon your doubts and fears will disappear

Keep the faith alive within your heart
Forget those nagging doubts
When everything you’ve done has turned out wrong
Keep the faith alive within your soul
Let Jesus help you with your load
And you will find the strength to carry on

When your plans all fall apart
You’re too weak to make a new start
The specter of defeat haunts you at night
Don’t give in, it’s not the end
All your broken dreams will mend
Trust in Him and it will be all right

When you’ve lost the will to live
And your hopes are dead and gone
You’ve taken all the pain that you can take
When your skies are filled with rain
And your heart is filled with pain
Through the darkened skies the sun will creep

Repeat Chorus

Swamp Yankee CD cover