Written by Doug Harvey

Chorus (both):

Fool around, let’s fool around.
I got some money, let’s go downtown.
Dance like a monkey, act like a clown;
Don’t you want to fool around?

Verse (him):
Most of the time I’m a serious man
I read the New York Times and listen to Chopin.
But when I see a pretty girl go walkin’ by,
I smack my lips and say “my, my, my!”.

“Let’s you and me go for a ride in my car
And drink a little whiskey from that old fruit jar
I know a party where they’re havin’ a dance
And when the music stops you can make romance

Repeat Chorus

Verse (her):
What kind of girl do you think I am?
I ain’t a side of beef or a country ham!
But if you got some money and you show some style,
I might fool around for a little while.

We could dine by soft candlelight
Or go for a stroll in the full moonlight.
You could whisper sweet nothings in my ear
While you try to unhook my French brassiere!

Repeat Chorus

Verse (him):
I like the way that you swing your hips.
I even like to watch you file your fingertips.
I’d like to see a smile cross your ruby lips
When I slide my fingers up under your slip.

So come on, everybody, it ain’t no crime
For a man and a woman to be makin’ time.
No matter what kind of man or woman you are
You can fool around like a movie star

Repeat Chorus
Repeat last line

© words & music by Doug Harvey