Dear Lord, I think that my country
Has made an awful mistake
We elected a fool who’s dishonest and cruel
And surely the world’s biggest fake

He claimed that he was a winner
But he’s proved he’s just a beginner
He’s a con man, hustler and spinner
He’s a liar, a cheat and a chump

His cabinet praises and thanks him
For the privilege of letting them serve
They all kiss his ass while he passes gas
Guess they get just what they deserve

He claims there was no collusion
And he didn’t do anything wrong
If so says Fox News, we’ll believe it’s all true
His denial is so big and so strong

He sends stupid tweets out on twitter
They’re nasty, insulting and bitter
Some wish we could hire a sitter
Shut him up, just put him to bed

He sure solved that Mexican problem
By tearing their families apart.
Put their children in prison. Let’s make an incision
And see if this man has a heart

We know he owes millions to Russians
And we know they got pictures of Don
Enacting a drama in the bed where Obama
And Michelle were getting it on

We’ve got to remove him from office
He makes so many people so nauseous
With words and deeds so obnoxious
I mean, who would stand in our way?

It should be clear by now that he’s crazy
Self-centered, mendacious and cruel
One thing for sure, we could use Aaron Burr
To challenge this dunce to a duel

So let’s make America great again
Get rid of old Lyin’ Don Trump
Indict him, impeach him, ‘cause no one can teach him
It’s like baseball, but without the ump

His family is all profiteering
The Republicans are all racketeering
The Republic is now disappearing
And his cult-like supporters approve

So let’s make a deal with the Donald
Once again make America great
It’s about time that he paid for his crimes
And we’ve got nothing to gain if we wait

So let’s make America great again
Get rid of old Lyin’ Don J.
Just resist, carry signs until he resigns
Just insist that he go away
Oh, Donald, won’t you please go away – today!

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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