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Written by Doug Harvey

You are the light in the morning
You are the blue in the sky
You are the rays on a summer day
You are the light of my life

You are the bright lights on Broadway
You are the moon shining bright
You are the glow of a rainbow
You are the light of my life

You life me up like a sunrise
It warms me just to look in your eyes
The light from your big blue luminous eyes
Sparkles like the stars in the sky

You are the glint on the water
You are the flame in the fire
You are the gleam of a sunbeam
You are the light of my life

Who, who is Q?
Who, who, who is Q?
Is Q the genius behind the Kung Flu?
Or a trick or treater who likes to shout “Boo”?

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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