I can’t complain
Guess I’m doin’ OK
Everything seems to be goin’ my way
Except I’m lonely for you
Baby, only for you
Nobody can do for me
That thing that you do
Sometimes I get blue
Because I’m  lonely for you

The curl of your smile
That look in your eye
The way you wink at me
When you walk by
That’s why I’m lonely for you
Only for you
Nobody can wet my whistle
Like you do
You know that it’s true
That’s why I’m lonely for you

So where did you go?
Baby where can you be?
And why aren’t you lyin’
In this bed next to me?
How can I tell
How long it will be
Until you come and make
An honest man out of me

I’m doin’ OK
Guess I can’t complain
But when I hear the whistle
Of that midnight train
I get so lonely for you
Baby, only for you
‘Cause when you’ve had the best
Nothing less will do
I get so blue
When I get lonely for you

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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