Written by Doug Harvey

I sat and watched the evening sun go down
I fell asleep and had a dream
I had a vision of paradise
It all disappeared when I opened my eyes

Henry Miller met me on a big white ship
We sailed just as the sun eclipsed
We dove overboard and swam to the shore
We beached on the Tropic of Capricorn

Where did we go?
What was that vision?
Where is that island in the sun?
I want to find my Lost Paradise
Before my days are done

Two women gave us coca leaves to chew
The sky and sea turned cobalt blue
We made sweet love as the sun disappeared
We watched it drop off the edge of the pier

We ate bananas and drank rum all night
In a moonlit garden of delight
They taught us magic, I started to fly
When I woke up I had stars in my eyes

Repeat Chorus

We had to catch an early boat back home
We sailed beneath the starry dome
Henry got drunk and started to cry
I asked why we left, but he wouldn’t say why

I sit and watch the morning sun come up
Drinkin’ coffee from a plastic cup
This world seems lifeless, so dull and routine
Compared to the Lost Paradise of that dream

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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