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Written by Doug Harvey

Met you on the street
Just the other day
After all these years
Some things never change
I stopped dead in my tracks
My heart, it just stood still
When I thought of how I loved you then
And how I always will

You were the love of my life
Girl of my dreams
The one who stole my heart
Half a life ago
You’re still the love of my life
And if this is what it seems
We’ll never be apart again
With half a life to go

Every now and then
You would cross my mind
I’d wonder where you were
After all this time
I’d tell myself I’ll never find
Anybody else like you
Now here you are, face to face
It’s a dream come true

Repeat Chorus

Now I realize
What’s been missing all these years
I’d forgotten how it broke my heart
When you just disappeared
We were both so young and innocent
How could we understand
That we could be so lonely
Without each other’s hand?

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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