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Written by Doug Harvey

Ask any stranger what they’re after
They’ll just say they got to have some fun
Gotta hear the music and the laughter
Got to be makin’ time when work is done
Sleep a little later in the morning
Go for a stroll in the afternoon
Dance to the music in the evening
Stand there and howl right at the moon

That clock on the wall
Don’t say nothin’ at all
It just makes you bashful and shy
So don’t set the alarm
Let me take you in my arms
It’s the only way to make time fly

You’ve got to take some time for makin’ time
Lay back and let the good times roll
Take some time for makin’ time
You’ll just feel better and you’ll never grow old

Take off your shoes, let down your hair
Pour yourself a healthy glass of wine
Before you know it you’ll be smiling
You’re on your way to feeling fine
Aren’t you glad the day is over?
Now we can be together for a while
Forget about tomorrow for the moment
We’re gonna make up for lost time

Repeat Pre-Chorus

Repeat Chorus

The judges used to say it was a crime
The teachers never taught it at my school
The preacher called it wasted time
Great thinkers say it turns men into fools
My shrink, he said it rots my mind
Bankers say it just won’t pay the bills
Hookers on the street say it’s a grind
And old guys sometimes need a little pill

But they never explain
Why they feel such pain
I guess they’ve never seen love smile
They don’t know what’s goin’ on
They must be doin’ something wrong
‘Cause there’s a trick to make it all worthwhile

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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Old Enough to Know Better