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Written by Doug Harvey

Don’t know what to do
Every night without you
I can’t make up my mind
To go out on the town
And find someone new
Or sit home alone
And sulk over you
What can I tell myself
Now that you’re gone

Now that you’re gone
Every night is so long
I’ve lost all peace of mind
And so I can’t stay at home
I can’t sleep at night
And nothing I say
Comes out quite right
How can I kid myself
Now that you’re gone

When you went away
And you never said goodbye
Every night and every day
I sat alone and wondered why
What a kick in the teeth
I thought we had it made
Were all those times we had
Just a meaningless charade
I just don’t know what to think
Now you’re gone

Now that you’re gone
I can’t stop hangin’ on
Baby what did I do
So that you had to run from
Our love affair
Why didn’t I see
That you didn’t care
I long to touch you so much
But you’re gone

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music