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Written by Doug Harvey

I grew up sloppin’ quahogs in Cohassett
And milkin’ Daddy’s cows twice a day
Momma started drinkin’ when Daddy passed away
That’s when I began to go astray

I started smokin’ Luckies in the boy’s room
Soon I was skippin’ school ‘most every day
I got my girlfriend pregnant before she turned 16
I had to find a job to pay our way

Then Mama had to sell the farm for taxes
Soon I had to put her in a home
Peggy Sue had triplets, the babies needed shoes
I didn’t have a penny of my own

I’m an Okie from Muskogee, Massachusetts
Hank Williams, I swear you wrote my life
Every time my cheatin’ heart says
“Let the good times roll”
Instead I wind up singing “Crying Time”

I started makin’ moonshine in the evenings
‘Cause a workin’ man can’t get no place today
I knew it had to end, but I’ll tell you my friend
I did it in my own peculiar way

Sellin’ moonshine soon became a vicious habit
I lived outside the law both night and day
The day the G-men came Paggy Sue ran away
I watched with blue eyes cryin’ in the rain

The kids and Peggy Sue moved to El Paso
And filed for D-I-V-O-R-C-E
It made my brown eyes blue
When she met a boy named Sue
I wonder if she ever thinks of me

Repeat Chorus

They gave me 5 to 10 when I was 20
Singing “Folsom Prison Blues” I walked the line
No more sex and drugs, no more chugalug
I lived my life just one day at a time

It’s funny how time slips away in prison
Goin’ crazy counting flowers on the wall
I tried every way to make the world go away
Singing “Faded Love” and “Hello Walls”

Yes, I turned 21 in prison singing “Dang Me”
Amazing grace, I finally saw the light
I was drop-kicked by Jesus through the goal posts of life
Now Jesus helps me make it through the night

Repeat Chorus

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