Written by Doug Harvey

I don’t love you anymore
I sure wish that I did (In fact, I never did)
It’s been an open secret
So who are we tryin’ to kid?
My skin crawls when you touch me
And I bristle at your kiss
You know it’s true
That’s just the way it is

When you ask me what I want
I always say that I don’t know
And if you want to see me
I’ve got someplace else to go
And if you’ve got a problem
I just say it isn’t so
I know its wrong
But what else can I do?

You go your way I’ll go mine
Once we cross the finish line
We’ll both be free to go our separate ways
It’s crystal clear
It’s black and white
We’re different as day and night
It’s time for us to go our separate ways

You know the situation
It’s pointless to pretend
So lets not play that tired old
Lover’s quarrel scene again
Even though the story’s over
We can change the way it ends
It’s not easy but let’s try to act like friends

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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Old Enough to Know Better