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Written by Doug Harvey

Two o’clock in the morning
They’re trying to close the bar
I got time for one more drink
Then I’ll try to find my car
Last call for alcohol
And maybe one more dance
Here’s a guy giving me the eye
He might be worth a chance

The world is full of guys like that
You know what I mean
They want to spend a little time
Live out some kind of dream
Do you know just who I am?
Should I want to be with you?
Am I the one you’re looking for
Or are you just passing through?

Passing through my life
For a night, maybe two
Will you call me I the morning
Or forget me when you’re through?
What happens if my stupid heart
Falls love with you?
Do you want to touch my heart
Or are you just passing through?

Will you ask me out to dinner?
Will you take me to a show?
Introduce me to your friends
As someone that you know?
And if I see you on the street
Do I say hello to you?
Do you want to be my man
Or are you passing through?

My glass was nearly empty
When you refreshed my drink
I was happy for the company
But I had to stop and think
Sure, you want to spend the night;
But what about the day?
What happens in the morning
Once you slip away?

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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