I can’t say those words together
President and Trump
I get a bad taste in my mouth
My nerves begin to jump
Well, You better call the doctor
Tell him bring his stomach pump

You like to keep us guessing
About just how much you’re worth
I want to see the paper
That certifies your human birth
Your behavior is so alien
To the rest of us on earth

If you’re a crooked oligarch
They say that you’re the man to see
If you need to stash some assets
I got a swanky condo by the sea
You say “If I close my eyes
Nobody can see me.”

I hear the Russians got some pictures
Of you in Moscow with some dames
In the presidential hotel suite
Playing nasty kinky games
You say there’s no collusion
Don’t you understand that you were framed?

Not only do you lie like a rug
You don’t do it very well
Any poker player worth his salt
Can spot your clumsy tell
If it’s a sin to tell a lie
You’ll spend eternity in Hell

Well, you might have some money
But you don’t have an ounce of class
You’re the dumb ass throwing stones
From your fragile house of glass
Man, you’re so full of spite
You must be breathing mustard gas

You’re not a natural leader
But you play one on TV
You’re so busy throwing tantrums
You can’t see the forest for the trees
You screw things up so much
We should lock you up and throw away the key

You’ve got a brand new concept
Modern management by tweet
You can fit the federal budget
On a single page spreadsheet
Don’t bore me with the details
Let’s just keep it short and sweet

Everybody knows you’re faking it
We know you just don’t have the goods
Well, you play us all for suckers
Except those white guys wearing hoods
I gotta tell ya, no matter how much golf you play
You’re never gonna be a Tiger Woods

You say you want to drop the big one
On the Rocket Man in Pyonyang
You threaten and you taunt him
With your insults and harangues
So we won’t pay attention
To your adventures in poontang

Man, I’m tired of all these rallies
I’m sick of looking at your face
You’re pathetic and disgusting
You disgrace the human race
Why don’t you quit while you’re behind
And disappear without a trace

Yes, you’ve got a natural gift
For getting things exactly wrong
Every day there’s more headlines
And more topics for this song
Yes, there’s so much material
I could go on all night long

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music