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Written by Doug Harvey

She and I were married
Sixteen years ago
We built a house together
And watched our children grow
We were so much younger then
Little did we know
That our lives would change
In so many ways
That couldn’t be foretold

She and I have grown apart
We now it’s true and it breaks our hearts
We tried so hard to make it go
The time has come we got to say it’s so
We can’t go on living in the past
Time moves on and life moves way too fast
To lead our lies living out a lie
Comes a time you got to say goodbye

I love her like a sister
I want her for a friend
I wasn’t much of a lover
Especially towards the end
Now I’m a million miles away
It’s pointless to pretend
That we can ever get that
Old time lovin’ feeling back again

Repeat Chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

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