Written by Doug Harvey

When I was young I used to believe
That I would grow up to be strong
I’d make a name for myself in the world
And nothing would ever go wrong

Well, it hasn’t worked out quite as well as I planned
And I’ve made some foolish mistakes
I’ve lost everything and I wonder now
What happens when everything breaks

I’m starting all over again
Wondering how, what, where and when
Starting at one and counting to ten
Starting all over again

Fitzgerald once said
There’s no second acts
So I’ll have to go back to the start
And try not to make
The same fool mistake
Of losing my head to my heart

This life can be cruel
We all know it’s true
And people can be so unkind
When you fall down
And there’s no one around
You can feel like you’re losing your mind

Repeat chorus

As time marches on
Things matter less
And some things you tend to forget
If you try to be true
In whatever you do
You’ll lose only needless regrets

Repeat chorus

© Copyright by Doug Harvey and Bird Ash Music

Appears on

American Deliriu