You’re lying through your teeth
Every other word that you say
You lied about the crowd
On inauguration day
You say they stole the election
And took your country away
But it didn’t happen that way
It’s all a big lie

Of all the awful things you’ve done
It’s the lies we remember the most
We’ve got a permanent record
Of your nasty tweets and posts
We pray to the Father and Son
That soon you’ll be just a ghost
And we’ll all drink a toast
Bye bye Mister Lies

You say that down is up
You say that left is right
You’ve convinced your faithful foolish
That the blacks are oppressing the whites
Don’t you know that it’s evil
To lie every day, every night
You must know in your bones
That you’ll never walk in the light

You lied about the virus
Now hundreds of thousands have died
Your insurrectionist soldiers
Will do thousands of years of time 
You know your days are numbered
Someday you’re gonna die
And the epitaph on your grave
Will just be one little line
Everything he said
Was all a big lie
Everything he said
Was all a big lie